Thursday, 6 December 2007

Questions, questions

Fake SteveC asks if I'm "still a signatory on the insurance policy" at paleoland.

Look. We all know what happened. I can't really talk about it, it jeopardises my substantial golden parachute of OS shares and they can only mature when it's sold off.

But maybe I can give some specific answers to some specific questions, where they don't threaten my blue-level ascent in the big G, or those paleo-options. So, no, I'm not a signatory to that and never was. Don't you know OSHQ can't burn down? It's cocooned in asbestos!!

If you have a question for old Fake Ed, post them in the comments.


Mapperz said...

How does Fake Ed feel on the dithering UK government?

Can they lose 40 Petabytes worth of CD's too with all the UK's mapping data on them?

Will Google buy the privatized ex government departments for the geospatial data

summited from inside Google Earth on a Tonka XO laptop

Mapperz said...

OS OpenSpace Close Alpha

Where are the 1:25k and 1:10k Rasters Fake Ed?

Summited from
(50.932088703539, -1.4523008465766907)
using the un-encrypted wireless network from the big building across the car park.