Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The more pins the better

Sergey, Larry and I always have a good laugh when some neotard frigwit hacker sitting in their mom's basement hacks up another pin-pushing mash-up. I mean, I gave the world KML - the greatest geodata format ever invented - and all these bearded sandal wearing losers can do is put pins in my figgin maps. As if inventing KML wasn't benevolent enough, I then gave it away to those standards zealot paleotard losers over at the OGC, who'll probably just fuck the whole thing up anyway. Still, it makes us look like we give a shit. Good job I've been working on libkml in-between running consistency checks on the Google servers.

Anyway, I digressed, so back to the hacktards. You see, all these guys think they are so damn clever. Take a site like The idea being that you put a pin into one of my maps and save your address and so does some other freetard and whoopee, we have a free geocoding database. What all these guys have failed to consider is that they are my maps. My friggin maps I tell you. You know what happens when you put a pin in my map? I own the friggin pin. So actually, all of you neogeography pinpushers are just helping me, Sergey and Larry get even more 0000s on our pay checks. And you know what I'm gonna do when you put your address into OpenGeoCoding? I'm gonna cross reference your email address with all your other Google accounts and then send you junk mail. Its so friggin genius. I just sit here, designing the future of the geospatial web, getting that much richer every time you put a pin in one of my maps.

So go ahead, place that pin and make my day.


Petzlux said...

Very true ! Im just waiting for Teleatlas, Navteq or whoever the original copyright owner is, to let their lawyers loose on that website. Creative Commons, My Ass !!!

Petzlux said...

Oh i meant that Shapewiki thingie

fake ed parsons said...

Yeah - ShapeWiki can suck it for all that we care. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how many lawyers you bring to the table. And we kick the shit of all those neotards on that front.