Monday, 3 December 2007


Sergey wasn't that interested, Larry's still not talking to me. To top it off, someone took my bike. I confess, it's not mine, we share them on campus. But you'd think they'd honor the little 'Ed Parsons' sticker huh? I refuse to use the other color bikes, and of course no green ones left so I had to walk.

But better news!! Sergey said I might make it to be a blue-level Googler soon!! ...might have to start using the blue bikes though... I'll have to tell you about levels some time but the main thing is, and this is totally true, it's not like scientology or a pyramid scheme AT ALL. They tell us that on day one.

Anyway, Engadget re-discovered my Gyrolocator. It came out of my initial location research at Kingston:

It's basically a combination of elastic-bands and string but Honda got pretty far.

Written and submitted from the Google regenerative thought-bubble, using mind waves

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