Monday, 18 May 2009

Going to Where?

Ol' Ed touched down on the BA flight (top deck !!) to reign once more over the underlings at the 'plex. Ed is here to watch the freetards (is this guy one of 'em? Ol' Ed thinks so. The beard gives it away) claim that music, maps and money should be free to everyone. Ol' Ed likes a bit of free love now and again but only Googlers get free money every other christmas. And only very good boys sit on Lergeys lap for the present.

Yes !! It's Where 2.0 !!

Google Drones #8823 and #4963 are keynoting. Ol' Ed will be at the bar sipping the lambrini and coke twattering about my observations over the next few days because that's right fans, ol' Ed is on the twitter with @FakeEdParsons !!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Mapping Party!

Without looking at any other mapping projects and how they work, and all on our own, using as many PhDs and MBAs as we could find hanging out at the infinite swimming pool... we've invented mapping parties !!

Map parties are where you get together for fun and map an area, have some food and maybe a lambrini and coke. Your chums go out mapping and enter the data in ol' Ed's Maps. We then show it to you with ads on top !!

It's amazing what we at Google produce with just the raw power of our minds and without learning from anyone else !! We love academia at google, we love your links because they are like citations in academic papers and they power our wondiferous search engine. But we at the 'plex don't need to do citations if we learn from other people because we don't learn from other people. We invent using mind energy in idea bubbles. Just look at Knol and Mapping Parties.

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