Monday, 2 February 2009

Google Earth 5.0!!!

Yes !!

It's here !!

Read all about the all-inspiring world crushing glory of my Earth product.

I have some issues I want to raise. Small things. May be missed by you but important to me.
  • Why wasn't I told about the launch? I thought I was supposed to be on stage with Marissa? Damn Eric !!
  • A lot of what you hear about 20% time just... look. The oceans was me, I took the Google Sub out a few times, we scanned crab and whale brains and got them to map it for us.
  • The historic imagery... me too. I never get credit. If I was at the 'plex I know I'd get credit but it's like Siberia out here in London sometimes.
  • Al Gore.. !! And they left me in London !! In the snow !!

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