Friday, 6 February 2009

Down in flames

When you wake up in the morning you almost certainly think "how can Google help me build a better product." That or otherwise "where is my breakfast" or "some day I will get to sleep in." Well when ol' Ed wakes up, he thinks "how can I fuck Yahoo! sideways (and add value to todays geospatial ecosystem)."

Well today my geotards I can tell you we're fucking Yahoo! sideways with my new location service. This is an amazing service !!

The essenial point is that we know where you are at all times, because we'e tracking you. What Latitude does is make that available to you, the CIA, and anyone else we feel like. You, dear reader, might remember old discontinued services like Fire Eagle from the plane crash that is Yahoo! They have two or even three applications today.

My marketing campaign to crush those bozos is pretty simple. Free ice cream !! I have drone #5279 run developer events at Google London HQ. Yahoo! don't do that. In any case my geotards want to come and see a rocket ship with free ice cream, not a burning eagle in a plane crash.

We might steal the great ideas from the purple beast of Yahoo! but remember by geotards, we'd never do it to you !! We love you and your ideas !!

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