Monday, 3 March 2008

Links for 3 March 2008

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope
Like Earth but crap and slow with features you don't want. Only runs on Windows. I've had some of our people work on buying some telescopes so we can be seen to compete, but really, who cares?

Google Engineering Philosphy
I've had the guy that leaked this fired, and shut down his brothers tractor dealership out in Iowa. We're tighter than an constipated iPhone SDK engineer.

ESRI integrates with SQL Server '08
SQL Server 2008 introduces some geographical data types. I invented location so I'll be writing those guys for a cut.

YouTube Hi-Res videos
We're trying to find an exit for this. Mostly when we buy a firm we just rip out the engineering team and leave the other employees to swivel, but as I've said this was just a joke that went wrong. Any ideas to turn this around would be appreciated.

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