Monday, 24 November 2008

A new direction for the OS ?

The fucking freetards are up in arms about privatising asbestos towers... oh no, might have to put the breaks on the new corporate HQ with its gym, pool and easy access to nearby motorways. Suddenly they actually want a government owned monopoly huh? Well if we all have to put off retirement as GOOG searches for $200/share then we're gonna make life interesting for the paleotards too.

I've been talking to Eric and we still have some money apparently. Sergey and Larry aren't fully on board but my plan is this - buy the OS when the 'for sale' sign goes up. We're going to make Southampton the new mission control for the moon base and fire all the paleotards there. They can go work at microsoft or something.

And what will we do with the data? Well that's a secret.

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