Friday, 9 May 2008

Boycott Where 2.0

I've just stumbled in drunk from another Google party. The free booze can really get too much sometimes, but fuck it, I deserve it !!

Yes. I am boycotting where 2.0. Ignore what I said about products and launches. If ol' Ed isn't getting a speaking slot then ol' Ed has better things to do. The less kind of my loyal readers have called my blog the google product blog, well, where 2.0 is just pure product. Uncle Ed doesn't see a single worthwhile thing he hasn't seen - and Uncle Ed knows what the 'gol is launching, oh yes.

Where 2.0 has run its course, it was fun while it lasted. I remember cycling around San Jose on a green google bike at 3am after one of the many after-parties just looking at the stars and thinking 'woah'. That was the inspiration behind Google Sky.

It was at where that I told Jack he needed Earth integration, and when ol' Ed first made the decision to jump ship to the 'gol.

But, really, there's nothing new at Where this year. They can bring it forward every year but it doesn't make it any more exciting, even if they are hosting it in an aircraft refuelling depot at the end of runway 10R at SFO. It's just not the same. And it won't be the same without Uncle Ed.

So farewell Where and hello WhereCamp.

Because that's right Ed Fans !! Uncle Ed is running WhereCamp !!

I've got three of our best sushi chefs on standby, and Google Security have been given special instructions on how to deal with stoned geo-hackers wandering around campus playing warewolf at 4am. I have colored balls on order for all attendees and a special team of brain suckers to come and find out what all the freetards are working on so we can Embrace, Extend and Extinguish. Things are going to radically change between now and WhereCamp - we're launching a total game changer at one of our many paid-for speaking slots at Where. Maybe.

If you see me, ask for a ride on a green google bike and a swim in the infini-pool. Yours for free if you tell us everything you and your employers are doing. Remember at all times that we're not evil. In any way. Apart from in China, but that's a total side issue.

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